Monday, August 7, 2006

Weekend Activities

This weekend was so filled with fun activities. But boy am I tired!

Saturday- Savannah and I did some school clothes shopping (I love the 80's, now she will too) then headed to open-gym for a quick 3 hour practice (way to break in those new grips), then I went to my pedicure appointmen (HEAVEN!!) and then off to a birthday party at COOL! the newsest (and smallest) outdoor pool around. BUT I forgot my camera for all of it.

Sunday-Off to Costco for our weekly shopping, back by 11am, cleaned house as a family (much to the kids unhappiness that the cleaning faries were not doing it and they had to) then off to the Benton County Fair. They kids rode rides, saw animals, and in the end we saw Freestyle Motorcross show (staring none other than Jimmy Fitzpatrick, he does an awesome back flip off a ramp) and then a Demolition Derby. This is what Aaron was most excited about, BUT then he counted all the cars and there were ONLY 3! Boy was he bummed. In about 7 minutes it was over, and the yellow & black car won.

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