Monday, July 24, 2006

Seattle or Bust

This past weekend we packed our bags and headed (at 5:30am no less) off to Seattle.

First stop: Enchanted Wave Water Park in Federal Way. It was great weather (I came home with a nice sunburn) not too crowded and lots of fun!

The next day (Saturday 7/22/06) we headed into Seattle, we went on a Harbor Cruise.

Ate at the famous Crab Pot (where they just lay out white butcher paper and dump your food on it) and you eat off wood planks with dorky bibs on.

Then we went to the Seattle Aquarium, not as impressive at the Oregon Coast Aquarium but it was fun and the kids enjoyed it. We got to see them training the seals and the kids got to feed the Sea Urchins, kelp for lunch.

Then we headed down to Pikes Public Market (But forgot to take any picutres beacause it was almost 100 degrees and we chose (dumb people that we are) to walk up all the stairs to get there. Then we w.a.l.k.e.d.......yes walked all the way to the Space Needle. But we did take the citybus back to the car (it was way to hot to walk)!

We all were tired by now and ready to come home.

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