Thursday, July 6, 2006


I am: wondering how Savannah will do when we drop her off at camp on Sunday.

I want: a laptop.

I have: way too much to do this summer and not enough days off to do it all.

I wish: I had a cleaning lady!!!

I dislike: how direspectful kids/adults can be.

I can't: have too many friends. :)

I need: to lose 50 pounds to feel good again; 75 to be at my "ideal weight".

I hear: Savannah reading to my daycare kids.

I wonder: what my kids will grow up to be, look like, etc.

I believe: that we will stayed married until death do us part.

I regret: that my tongue wags when it shouldn't.

I am not: accountable to myself. But I'm accountable to everyone else.

I dance: never!

I sing: loudly, only in the car. Does it annoy you? Sorry. Gonna do it anyway. :)

I cry: when I realize how quickly my children are growing up, and that soon they will be no longer children.

I am not always: a good mom. But sometimes I rock the title.

I make with my hands: scrapbooks that my chidlren LOVE to look at.

I write: well make that doodle, on everything. I love a blank sheet of paper!

I confuse: myself frequently, maybe it is all the kids running around crazy here this summer.

I should: Dust the entire house and get my butt on the treadmill and out of this chair.

I start: each moring with a kiss from my husband and a jumping onto my side of the bed from our dog, Scarlett. (No, she is NOT allowed on the bed, but has figured out that front paws and her head on it do not make Aaron yell NO at her :) smart dog!)

I finish: my day thankful for all that I have, and all that I am.

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