Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holy cow!!

Dominick has been complaining that he needed new shoes. So last night while I was gone to a class Aaron took him shoe shopping. Now normally I would NEVER allow Aaron to do that. BUT Dominick knew exactly what shoes he wanted, and they were 60% off, so off they went.
Now let me first say that his old shoes were size 8.5 in mens. He is only 11 (just turned in Dec) and his father only wears a size 10.5.
When I got home and I asked if he got shoes, this is what he showed me...............

S I Z E 10!

I can not belive that he is not almost as big as Aaron. And that his shoes were a size and a half too small. What a horrible mom!

I think that I better start saving money to pay for all the food that kid is going to put away when he finally becomes a teenager!!


Marlyn said...

Not a horriable mom, just one that didn't know her "little boy" was not quite so little (at least in his foundation area).
Yep start saving...he should be outgrowing everything else soon as the rest of him catches up with his feet.

Karen said...

Just wait until the only brand of jeans that are small enough around the waist but still long enough are Levi's! That's where we are right now.